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Obras de Hans Zatzka (1959-1945)

Hans Zatzka (1959-1945)

Biography credit

Hans Zatzka, also known as P. Ronsard,Zabateri, Pierre de Ronsard, Joseph Bernard and Bernárd Zatzka, was born March 8, 1859 in Vienna, to a builder and his Viennese actress wife, Hilde Sochor.

Zatzka showed an early interest in painting. From 1877 to 1882 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, studying under Christian Griepenkerl, Karl Wurzinger, and Carl of Blaas. In 1880, at the age of 20, he was awarded the Golden Fügermedal; the golden decoration for services to the city Vienna.

After several trips to Italy, Hans worked in the style of his predecessor, Hans Makart, as a free-lance painter in Vienna, painting ceiling frescoes in stairway houses and residential buildings, numerous murals for altars in churches, and portraits. It was during this time that he developed as special interest in academic genre paintings of idyllic women and cupids.

From these representations, Zatzka turned to painting guardian angel images, elves, sensuous female figures, genre scenes, allegories and other popular motifs. He was a greatly influenced by the operas of Richard Wagner and considered ground-breaking in the production of “bedroom pictures” or “towel format”, a term used to describe a format that fit the low ceiling and cramped spaces. By the 1920′s this style was the size of choice for most European homes.

By the turn of the century, Zatzkas’ pictures turned to picture postcard sales in the galleries of Viennese artists, and ultimately sold to other publishers. In 1906, Zatzka gave precise orders for mass production on a trial basis. By 1914, the first of Hans Zatzkas’ bedroom images were distributed.

Hans Zatzka did not make his living from postcards but from his religious frescoes in churches, altar paintings, and other large commissions such as hospitals in Vienna during the 1920′s. He lived in his home studio, never took in students or teaching jobs and painted until the 80th year of his life.

Hans Zatzka died December 17, 1945.

By 1980, demand for Hans Zatzka paintings in the United States enjoyed great popularity and significantly increased the value of his work. Zatka’s work is now sold internationally in galleries and auction houses, fetching large sums of money. In 2004, Somalia published special stamps with four motifs of images Zatzka: harem dancer, nymphs, spring goddess, and night sky.

Zatzka Hans no céu noturno

Zatzka Hans Um Idyll Água







Peintures de Zatzka Hans

 (699x597, 214Kb)

Obras de Jean-Francois Portela

Jean-Francois Portela (niderl. Jean-François Portaels, raça 3 de abril de 1818 Vilvoorde -.. Mente 08 de fevereiro de 1895 Bruxelas) - orientalista artista belga, Professor.
J.-F. Portela, estudou pintura em Bruxelas Academia de Belas Artes sob a orientação de François Naveza, então em Paris com Paul Delaroche. Em 1842, o artista ganhou o Grand Prix de Roma, e vai em uma viagem pela Europa e Oriente Médio. Depois de voltar para casa em 1847, é diretor da Academia de Belas Artes, em Ghent e abre seu estúdio de arte. Em 1874, Portela viaja para Marrocos para retornar a Bruxelas liderado pela Academia de Pintura.
J.-F. Portela foi artista plodovtitym. Além de pinturas, sobre o Oriente, pintou retratos, pinturas de temas históricos e religiosos. Serviu também como a arte-final para a Catedral de St.. James, em Bruxelas. Obras Portela são estilos neoclássico e romântico da pintura. Seu trabalho influenciou grandemente o desenvolvimento da escola belga de arte. Ele tinha muitos discípulos, entre outros - Theo van Reysselberge, Emil Votara, escultor Charles van der STAP.

Especial Obras de Alexandre Monntoya

A.Monntoya’s paintings represent all the beauty projecting from the principle figure with colour.

Painting is a way of expression, a constant internal search and from the moment I began to paint I have used several landscapes of colour. At first I expressed myself with the typical colouring of a tropical climate, then I was plunged into the chaos of not knowing where to go, I was inside a world of greys and from that basis I have been giving way to the warmth, the colours and the shapes that I show today.
I wish to show an everyday moment in a sweet manner, which is natural and full of passion and sensuality.
From a personal view point I also look for the merging of two energies, two opposites, two forces, the good and the bad, light and darkness, which when united, create a balance, a balance that gives way to shapes and spaces thus allowing you to glance at an instant of feelings and beauty.

Alexandre Montoya was born on the 16th of January 1974, Roldadillo (Valle), Columbia.
He studied the fundamental concepts of drawing perspectives at INEM, in the city of Pereira where he graduated as an Industrial Graduate.
In 1994 he opened a small gallery in the city of Cali. He began to be more involved in his drawings when he had more contact with other artists in this region. Each day he felt more motivated to paint. Alexandre says, it was because he knew that he had a gift with the paint brush and his heart swelled with happiness and peace when he was painting night after night.
Alexandre participated in some exhibitions and when he was 24 years old he won first prize of "Young Artist of the Year" in his region Vallecaucano, Columbia.
In 2001 he decided to close his gallery in Columbia and move to Spain to grow and develop his work as an artist.
There were some difficult times, a period of time went by that he was conscious that in order to succeed and make history he had to change and develop his style of work, so as he desires, he can be one of the greatest painters of our time.


Artista Plástico Dario Ortiz (Ibagué 1968)

Dario Ortiz

É um artista neo-realista colombiana contemporânea Conhecidopor suas composições com base em temas clássicos. Ele éuma figura importante da arte renascentista da narrativacontemporânea na América artista America.Self-didata. Entre 1990 e 1991 eu History estudos e apreciação da arte naUniversidade Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Arte Contemporânea com o crítico de arte Juan Carlos Conto e frequenta aulas naInternacional de Arte da Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango. Ele obtémum prêmio no World Art Artístico II, Vie em Paris (1990) e outrona Itália XI prêmio para o Visual Arts em Florença (1996). Bem como vários prémios nacionais.
"Suas pinturas são interplays complexo de formas no espaçoreferido documento, bem como um processo emocional e um físico tão perturbadores quanto eles estão em sua realidadeconvincente." Said crítico de arte Carol diretor Damian de A Arteda Frost Museu de Miami recentemente Yoshiharu Sasaki,Diretor assistente do Museu de Arte no Japão Iwaki, escreveu:"Seria isso possível de ser dito de Ortiz é a pintura barroca da época contemporânea, estabelecendo a grandeza, e de um sujeito poderoso, além de um tom dramático escondido ,harmonizando com a privacidade e a audácia de tradicionais à interpretação contemporânea. O dandismo para Hollywood e clássicos modus sólida que se reflete na sua, eu não acredito que é possível criá-lo nesta nação. "
Suas obras estão incluídas nas coleções do Museu de Arte Latino-americana em Los Angeles, Califórnia, o Palácio Presidencial, em Bratislava Eslováquia de, no Museu Cívico deAbano Terme, na Itália, o Museu de Antioquia, em Medellín, o Museu de Arte Moderna de Cuenca , o Museu de Arte deContemporay Guayaquil Equador, e do Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Bogotá, entre outros.
Fundou em 2003 o Museu de Arte de Tolima e A partir de 2007.Ele é membro da Academia de História do Tolima. Hoje DarioOrtiz Tempo separação histórica entre Bogotá e Nova York.

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Imagens Realistas do Artista Denis Mayer Jr

Artista Denis Mayer Jr criou imagem de modo realista elaborado do que eles se parecem fotografias. Na verdade, não é, o artista desenha melhor do que alguns fotografiruyut.Smotrite-se ...